A guide to run flat tyres - do you need them

Published on June 5, 2024

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A flat tyre is one of the most common problems a person can face while travelling. It causes physical, mental and financial stress due to the fear of arriving late and missing an important part or event. Often, the problem of puncture can be seen on the side of the road, and the most challenging task is to take the car to the garage, which causes physical stress and fatigue. To solve all the problems, Mobile Fit Tyres introduced a run-flat tyre, which helps the vehicle move even after a puncture and safely reach a mobile shop or a safe place for tyre recovery. Here, we guide you through running a flat tyre, what it does, why it's important to you and how it works.

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Why run flat tyres are necessary

Run-flat tyres are a type of tyre that helps the vehicle move even after a puncture. These tyres were introduced in the mid-1980s with the purpose of continuing the journey. They help the user to continue the journey safely even after tyre damage. The structure is designed to aid travel, with a secure rim inside the support vehicle after a blowout or puncture. A rim is just like a tire within a tyre. It keeps the journey safe and protected from unexpected and sudden events. Puncture and air loss will be gradual but horrendously visible.
Most of the time, incidents of flat tires can be seen on the side of the road, which can cause trouble, unexpected damage to the person, and safety issues. It can also cause mental stress, and the person cannot handle the situation. Man always needs help and guidance to deal with emergencies. Our professional provides proper guidance and the best services to quickly control the situation and resume the journey without fear of an accident.

How to run flat tyre supports

The main purpose of run-flat tyres is to help the vehicle move freely without fear of stalling. Run flat tyre support in two ways: one is a self-supporting run-flat outer ring, and the other is a supporting ring, which is an inner ring. Self-supporting run-flat rings have excellent reinforced sidewalls that support movement. It helps to get to a safe place for quick recovery in case of air loss or low air pressure. Attach the inner ring to the wheel and ensure that the tyre will not leave the rim in case of deflation.
The second support of the run-flat tyre is the internal support ring, which is made of strong rubber and helps in emergency situations. The outer ring maintains the tyre's mobility and stability and protects against unforeseen events, such as tyre puncture or deflation. It helps to drive 50 miles with stability to a safe place or tyre shop. The most dangerous and unmanageable aspect of puncture is weight management, which can be done effectively.

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Advantages of run-flat tyre

  • Make sure that the journey is safe.
  • Protect from the fear of accidents.
  • Help move to a better place in case of tyre damage.
  • It protects against unexpected events that cause physical stress.
  • Provide tyre stability in the event of a puncture and air loss.
  • Provide mobility and amazing tyre control in the event of a tyre problem.
  • Made up of a self-supporting ring and an inner ring to manage air loss and puncture problems.

Turn your regular tyre into a run-flat tyre at an affordable price

A flat tire can cause problems anywhere without giving an alarm. It can cause you a financial and physical burden every few days. Mobile car tyre replacement provides run-flat tyres, which is the only solution to eliminate the problem of flat tyres and make the journey more comfortable. Run-flat tyres provide a double-protected tyre that handles emergency tyre situations, maintains balance, and helps drive to a safe location even after a tyre puncture. Run-flat tyres cost between $150 and $500 per tyre, which is more than a typical tyre but offers more features. Installing a run-flat tyre is not easy; it always requires the help of a person who provides mobile tyre fitting London service to replace your tyre with a run-flat tyre.

Why you need to choose Mobile Fit Tyres for running flat tyre

Mobile fit tyres is a standard platform for tyre services and the best tyres. We trained the professionals in such a way that they could manage all the emergencies and provide the best solution to the problem. A flat tyre is one of the most common problems that can happen to anyone. In the above guide, we provide a run-flat tyre, which permanently solves the problem of flat tyres. It provides stability and mobility for up to 50 miles after puncture and wind damage. Our experts are ready to serve you 24/7, regardless of time and place. They answer a call. From Mobile tyre fitting to mobile tyre replacement, they serve you seamlessly. Call us today to change your normal tire to run on a flat tyre and ensure your trip is safe and secure.


1. How long can you drive on a run flat after a puncture?
Running a flat tyre helps you travel 50 miles after a puncture, reducing the pressure of the puncture and helping you get to a safe place to repair the tyre.
2. Can I change a run-flat tyre to a non-run-flat tyre?
Yes, you can change your run-flat tyres to non-run-flat tyres, but there is no need to because run-flat tyres are more beneficial than non-run-flat tyres.
3. Can you fix a flat tyre without replacing it?
Yes, we can fix a flat tyre without replacing it. Our professionals are experts in repairing punctured tyres.
4. How to identify a run-flat tyre?
Run-flat tyres can be easily identified by markings that can be written on the sidewall of the tyre.
5. Is a run-flat tyre repairable?
Run Flat repair depends on the manufacturer; most manufacturers recommend replacing it because its complex structure is difficult to fix.